System cabling to the truck and trailer

Cross-system control on the commercial vehicle

is your partner for “system cabling” of functions in the area of truck and trailer electrics. For more than 25 years, we have been working with practical solutions for high-quality and cost-optimized cabling. Thinking this way, we rely on cross-sytem cabling of individual components to a wide range of systems, which are used in our market environment.

Examples of system cabling:

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  • Example: Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Connection lines for the router control and the main power supply. Option tap using a Y-adapter, e.g. connecting displays to the system.

Example see grafic …


Anschlussbeispiel Reifenkontrollsystem: System-Studie mit variablen HDSCS Verkabelungen

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  • Example: Brake systems

Wabco* – Power supply with socket + plug

Product example Wabco* connector / see elkaBrake …

Wabco EBS – elkatec

connects directly to the Wabco* “E-Module”. The right cable with the elkaBrake special-connector from is based on German brand quality, produced to the highest standards for a good connection.

Knorr* – EBS Power supply with socket + plug.

Product example: Knorr*-connection / see elkaBrake …

Knorr Stromversorgung elkatec

► For more information – see elkaBrake !

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  • Example: Lighting systems

Front distributor cabling: “Standard” and “Premium”

Example „Standard“ – see grafic …

Standard Frontverteiler elkatec

Example „Premium“ – see grafic …

Premium Frontverteiler elkatec

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  • Example: Functional connector

Plug connections with variable function extensions!

See grafic:

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  • Example: Telematics

Examples of telematics cabling!

Example see grafic …

Telematikverkabelung elkatec

Example – Telematic Systems in trucks …

Telematikverkabelung elkatec

Functional examples:

Temperature detection
Moisture detection
Tank level control …

► For more information – see Telematics cabling!

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You will find further products and tips in the current -catalog e.g. under the topics elkaTruck and elkaLight.   (System examples – Telematics system cabling, etc.)

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*E-Module and *Wabco are registered trademarks of WABCO Fahrzeugysteme GmbH, Hanover.
*G2-Module / System Knorr-Bremse (KNORR-brakes), registered trademark of Knorr-Bremse AG, Munich.
See also notes on brand identification (imprint).