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elkaTruck: Truck & Trailer – Cabling

elkaTruck Logo
  • HDSCS cabling …
  • 7-pole Bayonet cabling similar to ISO 15170
  • Superseal cablings …
  • Extension lines for taillights
  • Y-adapter lines for e.g. additional reversing light

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elkaLight: Lighting systems – Cabling

elkaTruck Logo
  • Front splitter 15-pole + 24N & 24S
  • Cabling lighting systems for taillights with distributor function
          – Function extension by special adapter
  • Cabling lighting systems for taillights without distributor function
  • Cabling lighting systems for 3rd chamber round lights
  • 15-pole plug & boxes, coiled cables, adapters etc. … see elkaTrade

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elkaBrake: Braking system – Cabling

elkaTruck Logo
  • Wabco* – Power supply with socket + plug
  • Knorr* – EBS Power supply with socket + plug
  • Sensor extension cables
  • 7-pole EBS extension lines
  • 4-pole DIN Bayonet connection cables
  • EBS Plugs & boxes, coiled cables, etc. … see elkaTrade

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elkaLift: Liftgate – Cabling

elkaLift Logo
  • „Superflex“ coiled cable acc. to ISO 25981
  • Connecting lines socket + plug
  • 7-pole liftgates plug acc. to ISO 25981
  • 7-pole liftgates socket acc. to ISO 25981
  • Liftgates – supply cable

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elkaTrade: Trade products, cables, spare parts

elkaTruck Logo
  • Coiled cables – EBS / 15-core (ISO12098) / 24N+24S
  • Adapter coiled cables – 15-core (ISO 12098) 24N+24S
  • Extension lines – EBS / 15-core (ISO 12098)
  • Plugs & sockets – EBS & ABS / 15-core / 24N+24S / 13-core…
  • Cable joint boxes & Splitter boxes
  • Sold by meter – Cables – Lines

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*E-Modules and * Wabco are registered trademarks of WABCO Fahrzeugysteme GmbH, Hanover.
*G2 module / system Knorr-Bremse are registered trademarks of Knorr-Bremse AG, Munich.
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