Cable construction on demand

Construction of high-quality commercial vehicle Cable

is your reliable partner for the truck cable design with the highest standards. Market-driven solutions for weather-resistant electrical cables require creative solutions.

As a qualified supplier of original equipment OEM we see it as our duty to rely on high-quality branded products from own production or assembly.

Truck cable design and cable assembly on Werne

The customer-oriented production in Werne based on experienced construction, intensive cooperation and standard-compliant implementation. Here we do not only manufacture standard connections for commercial vehicles and trailers, but also develop many specialized products and individual solutions for vehicle production.

Future-proof improvement

Development, 3D design and fabrication of cables for modern commercial vehicles used in the result of international requirements for quality and function stability. Future-oriented improvement and innovation is the credo of self-development of the brand products.

Let’s talk about it …

Development of standard products

Marketable solutions for high-performance cables

develops market-compatible solutions for weather-resistant high-performance cables in vehicle construction. Electric cables in truck, trailer or special vehicles require sophisticated solutions that meet the highest demands. Certified manufacturing according to European and international safety and quality standards is requirement and incentive for brand products, which convince original equipment manufacturers worldwide.

RTEmagic 8-pol Stecker

Individual cable assembly

Ready for serial production

Extensive serial production or small series for the vehicle electrics of commercial vehicles are our specialty.
With comprehensive know-how develops transparent solutions that deliver reliable products of the same quality. Precision, standard justice and adherence to delivery dates are our success factors at the customer.

Magic SEAL Spider

New development and branding

Products for weather-dependent connections

develops new products for heavily weather-dependent connections in vehicle construction. Brand quality, which have to withstand the most diverse loads on tough everyday vehicle life. These include, for example, our development of seawater-safe control-connections. These connectors, with IP58 and IP6K9K protection, provide reliable protection against splash and salt-water.

The brand stands for quality

Our brand is an expression of the proven safety and quality. Visible to all customers the -branding is an indication for permanently safe plug-in connections and connecting cables that last a lifetime.

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