Injection moulded connection

Durable connections to Truck & Trailer

Overmoulded connectors for Truck & Trailer require high-performance sheathing to ensure long-term and long-distance service. is a specialist for permanent electrical cabling for tractors and trailers. At Werne in Germany, the company produces quality-tested safety for particularly long-lasting connections.
Cables and moulded connectors are optimally encapsulated in production process and thermally safety fixed. The range of applications includes a variety of plug-in systems and combinations, which cover all possibilities of modern electronic control in trucks and trailers.
Umspritzte Steckverbinder 01Umspritzte Steckverbinder 02Umspritzte Steckverbinder 03Umspritzte Steckverbinder 05Umspritzte Steckverbinder 06Umspritzte Steckverbinder 07Umspritzte Steckverbinder 08Umspritzte Steckverbinder 09Umspritzte Steckverbinder 10Umspritzte Steckverbinder 11Umspritzte Steckverbinder 13Umspritzte Steckverbinder 14Umspritzte Steckverbinder 15Umspritzte Steckverbinder 16Umspritzte Steckverbinder 17Umspritzte Steckverbinder 18Umspritzte Steckverbinder 20Umspritzte Steckverbinder 19Umspritzte Steckverbinder 21Umspritzte Steckverbinder 22Umspritzte Steckverbinder 23Umspritzte Steckverbinder 24Umspritzte Steckverbinder 25Umspritzte Steckverbinder 26Umspritzte Steckverbinder 28Umspritzte Steckverbinder 29Umspritzte Steckverbinder 33Umspritzte Steckverbinder 30Umspritzte Steckverbinder 31
offers low-pressure moulding technology for the possibility of connector systems such as Superseal, HDSCS, 4-pole DIN bayonet, 7-pole bayonet and many more and to achieve a significant increase in performance. a logical solution, in view of increasing demands on the connections used in truck and trailer cabling. Furthermore, printed circuit boards can be attached to existing plug systems and then these will be extrusion coated with the plugs. Because of the selected method many positive properties can be linked to one another:

Positive effects / Molded circuit board:

  • e.g. Replacement for electronics housings
  • e.g. Compact design
  • e.g. Multiplex function possible
  • e.g. Protection against corrosion of components
  • e.g. Waterproof components – protection class IP6K9K
  • e.g. Protection against vibration
  • e.g. Contact protection
  • e.g. Electrical insulation
  • etc.

Options / Applications:

Steckverbinder 2-6-pol.

Superseal connectors

  ► Superseal from 2-pole bis 6-pole

Steckverbinder 02

7-pole connectors

7-pol. Bajonett ähnlich ISO 15170

Steckverbinder 4-pol.

4-pole connectors

4-pol. DIN Bayonet ISO 15170

Steckverbinder 10-pol.

10-pole connectors

10-pol. elkatec – connectors

  – die Lösung im Bereich Lichtanlagenverkabelung

Steckverbinder 05

HDSCS series connectors

HDSCS – Heavy Duty Sealed Connector

Steckverbinder 06

42-pole connectors

42-pole socket plug Tyco 1-967281-1

Steckverbinder 07

24-pole connectors

24-pole socket plug Delphi

Steckverbinder 08

8-pole WABCO* connection

8-pole WABCO* socket power supply

Steckverbinder 09

7/7-pole KNORR* connectors

7/7-pole KNORR* – Connecting cable

Variations are homemade

Individual production, as well as small-scale production, makes a flexible problem solver for the connection of different systems or for the complex trailer architecture of electrical cables and functions. Cable connections such as HDSCS connectors, Superseal, DIN bayonet, EBS connections, lighting cable connections, functional connectors, molded circuit board in Superseal connectors and much more are part of the comprehensive program of the German production facility. Suitable connections to WABCO-systems*, Knorr-Bremse* (Knorr Brakes) and many brand manufacturers are supplied by with OEM quality.
  • Example: Functional connector

Plug connections with variable function extensions!

See grafic:

  • Project example: Bus termination in different connectors

Bus termination by integration of a 120 Ohm terminating resistor in different connectors!

Bus termination by integration of a 120 ohm termination resistor in various connectors e.g. HDSCS or SuperSeal

CAN Bus basics / General Introduction
Interfaces are used to transfer information between the individual components of a system. In a bus system, all compo­nents are connected via short stub lines to a common data line. The effort for the wiring is thereby minimized. In this case, additional components can be easily connected.

The data flow must be controlled via an access procedure (protocol) if all compo­nents use a common bus line. As much as possible components from different manufacturers should work together. The Controller Area Network (CAN) connects several equal components (node) via a 2-wire bus plus additional ground line. The CAN protocol was developed in 1983 by “Bosch” for use in motor vehicles and first presented to the public in 1986.

Due to the high immunity to interference, the low costs and the real-time capability, CAN is not only used in the automotive industry but also in many other sectors (eg commercial vehicles, mobile machinery, railways, medical technology, industrial automation, elevators, etc.) as a machine bus system.

Bus termination (terminator)
Bus termination takes place on the CAN bus with a line topology of 120 ohms at both ends of the network.
Termination is recommended even for short lines with low bit rates. Without termination, there are reflections. In practice, terminations at one end are sufficient for short lines, but ideally the bus is terminated at both ends (and only there) with 120 ohms each.

(See graphic: wiring examples …)

See grafic:

Rated links: – CAN in Automation (CiA) is the international user and manufacturer association for the Controller Area Network (CAN).

Smart connector

Lösungsansatz: 6-pole Superseal pin moulded with circuit board, connection possible via connection cable 6-pole Superseal connector.

    • Project example: Molded circuit board in Superseal plugs

    With the project example of molded circuit board, offers the possibility, using the low pressure moulding technology, to install equipped circuit boards on proved connector systems and then overmoulding all inserted parts. Based on the selected method, so many positive attributes can be linked to one another (More info see -catalog.

    Platinenverguss, umspritzte Steckverbindung
    Platinenverguss, umspritzte Steckverbindung

    Example: 6-pole Superseal pin moulded with circuit board, connection possible via connection cable 6-pole Superseal socket plug.

    elkatec Platinenverguss 2
    Platinenverguss, umspritzte Steckverbindung

    Example: Innovation with overmolded circuit board | Connection to intelligent plug-in connections.

    *KNORR-Bremse (Knorr-brakes) and *WABCO are registered trade names of the respective manufacturers.
    See also notes on brand identification (imprint).

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