Telematics cabling to truck and trailer

Web-based real-time control with many possibilities

Telematic systems in use

telematics cabling allows a continuously, media-free information chain across all mobile transport logistics processes.
More and more functions are evaluated and transparently recorded by modern telematics systems, which allows a significant increase in efficient processes.
A variety of functions are integrable, e.g. The web-based real-time control of temperature-controlled goods in the semitrailer or trailer. The online control of the cooling machines “from the desk” enables reliable logistical guidance, saves costs and facilitates documentation conformable to law.
  • Monitoring the temperature in real-time in refrigerated vehicles
  • Coupling status
  • Tire control
  • Evaluation of data from the brake system
  • Door control
  • Tank level control
  • etc.
already connects a variety of different telematics systems and their components. This includes connections with the well-known plugging systems Superseal, HDSCS, 7/7-pole connector, DEUTSCH connectors DT & DTM series, 4-pole connector. DIN bayonet, and many other variants. Talk to us about a suitable telematics solution. We are happy to support you with the selection of suitable connectors and sheathed cables.
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Exemplary functions of telematics cabling!

See grafic:

Telematikverkabelung elkatec

Example – Telematic systems in the truck …

Telematikverkabelung elkatec

Functional examples:

Temperature detection
Moisture detection
Tank level control …

  • System example – Function box HDSCS

The central distribution unit of the telematics cabling with the “new” HDSCS plug-in system is integrated directly into the box. This allows many connection possibilities with different-pole HDSCS connectors. These include, e.g. 2 x 4-pole to 1 x 7-pole and 4 x 10-pole pin plugs. The optional points can be sealed with dummy caps watertight.
This system provides, e.g. space for the following functions:

Funktions / Details:

  • “Funktion tab Brake”
  • “Tire pressure”
  • “Door lock”
  • “Cooling machine”
  • etc.

See grafic:

Telematikverkabelung elkatec

Illustration of a functional example: System study with variable telematics functions

Functional box with HDSCS connections …

Telematikverkabelung elkatec

Example of use / Details:

2 x 4-pole   HDSCS pin/pin – Code: Black / Grey
1 x 7-pole   HDSCS pin/pin – Code: Black
4 x 10-pole HDSCS pin/pin – Code: Black / Gray / Green / Blue

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(System example – Telematics system cabling)

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